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""The School of Education has an internship program through UC Davis Study Abroad in Thailand and Costa Rica. Led by Prof. Sophia Mattingly, undergraduate students gain a unique and enriching experience engaging with local teachers in these culturally vibrant settings providing an opportunity to not only enhance one’s teaching skills but also to immerse oneself in a diverse and dynamic environment. In Thailand, interns can contribute to English language education, gaining insights into Thai culture and fostering cross-cultural understanding. Similarly, in Costa Rica, students can collaborate with local educators, making a positive impact on English language learning while enjoying the rich biodiversity and warmth of the Costa Rican community. These internships not only broaden horizons but also foster personal and professional growth, making them an invaluable experience for aspiring educators. Learn more about these programs and how to sign up at the Global Learning Hub, which is part of UC Davis Global Affairs: Summer Education Internships in Thailand. Summer Education Internships in Costa Rica.


Summer Abroad Information Session

Info Session via Zoom:

Chiang Mai, Thailand 

Dates – August 2–September 8, 2024 

Max Enrollment – 16

Prerequisites  – No

Program Overview

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