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Aerial view of Waikiki Beach, OahuIn Summer 2019, the School of Education introduced two new internship programs through UC Davis Study Abroad. Led by Prof. and Chair of Undergraduate Programs Yuuko Uchikoshi, undergraduate students will spend five weeks as education interns in Honolulu, Hawaii or Chiang Mai, Thailand, participating in teaching, mentoring, homework assistance, lesson prep and after-school activities. Students earn six course units to interact through online discussions and explore the significance of interning in a broader social and cultural context. Learn more about these programs and how to sign up at the Global Learning Hub, which is part of UC Davis Global Affairs:

Summer Education Internships in Thailand

Summer Education Internships in Hawaii


Fieldwork Requirement

In core class EDU 100-Introduction to Schools students are required to participate in an off-campus fieldwork experience in a school setting totaling 30 hours. Available fieldwork opportunities are found at the Internship & Career Center each quarter. Students need to attend the first day of class (all Education classes require mandatory attendance on the first day of class) before starting the search for a fieldwork school site. 

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