About the Education Minor

About the Education Minor

General information

How Do I Declare A Minor?

Once you are ready to declare your minor, you must submit a “Petition to Declare a Minor” online form. Plan to do this the quarter BEFORE you graduate!  List your completed and/or registered approved minor courses and submit form electronically via your My UC Davis/OASIS page.

General information

Online Minor Petition Form Deadlines

Please note the dates below:

If you are graduating in Fall 2022 you must have your completed online Minor Petition form submitted to your College Dean’s office by October 4, 2022Please note that processing time for minor forms submitted online to the School of Education is a minimum of 3-5 business days.


Fieldwork Requirement

In core class EDU 100-Introduction to Schools students are required to participate in an off-campus fieldwork experience in a school setting totaling 30 hours. Available fieldwork opportunities are found at the Internship & Career Center each quarter. Students need to attend the first day of class (all Education classes require mandatory attendance on the first day of class) before starting the search for a fieldwork school site. 

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