Fall 2016 Catalyst

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In the Fall 2016 issue of Catalyst magazine, we take an in-depth look at how educators can nurture English learners’ emerging bilingualism, particularly in the wake of passage of Proposition 58 in California. We also talk with Paul D. Hastings, the School of Education’s Interim Dean; examine a teacher-driven approach to bringing wonder to math and science learning; and visit with an alumni couple who live in a 180-square-foot house.

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Our Cover Story

For a glimpse of some of the research behind our story on bilingual students, check out a paper by Professor Kerry Enright on “Responding to English Learners’ Writing with the 3 P’s” (preparation, purpose and proficiency. Read Alumna Joanna Wong’s case study of a fourth-grade emergent bilingual student in the book ”Second Language Writing in Elementary Classrooms.”  And learn more about research by Professor Yuuko Uchikoshi Tonkovich on the language and literacy development of young children, particularly dual language learners.

A Study of Character

Discover more about Interim School of Education Dean Paul D. Hastings.

Innovations in Teaching

Visit the PRISM website and learn new teaching methods for introducing children to math and science practices. You can listen to teachers explain their methods, as well as watching them in action in their classrooms.

Starting at the Top

Founded in 2016, Wheelhouse: The Center for Community College Leadership and Research supports and cultivates current and future community college leaders through professional development and research. Visit the Wheelhouse website to learn more.

Personal Impact

The School of Education’s Dean’s Leadership Circle recognizes our most generous donors, who support student scholarships, faculty research and programs. Learn more about how you can support the School and join the Dean’s Leadership Circle and view photos of this year’s DLC luncheon with students and donors.

Tiny House, Big Lives

Watch a video from Tiny House Nation in which School of Education alumni Justin Smith and Melissa Amacher talk about their first 24 hours in their 180-square-foot house, or watch Smith and Amacher discuss the lessons they learned from walking the entire Pacific Crest Trail in 2010.

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