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Heidi Ballard on Citizen Science at Commonwealth Club

Podcast of presentation on August 26, 2013

Backyards, Beaches, Birds and Bees: Citizen Science

Listen to the podcast in iTunes here. Choose #4: Backyards, Beaches, Birds (posted on 9/2/13).

Public participation in scientific research, also known as “citizen science,” is a burgeoning practice that is more accessible than ever.

Professor Heidi Ballard of UC Davis is at the forefront of finding out how citizen science works and why it matters, and her work emphasizes citizen science that empowers communities to ask their own questions and thus to more directly serve their own needs. 

Professor Gretchen LeBuhn of SFSU directs the world’s largest citizen science undertaking on pollinators, The Great Sunflower Project, which enjoins regular people to make observations of bees in their own backyards.

These two leading intellectuals will discuss the ways in which people, technology and crowd-sourcing are making a difference.

Presented in association with the UC Davis School of Education and San Francisco State University.


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