Student Profile

Anna Peñaloza

Ph.D. Student - Language, Literacy and Culture

Anna holds a Bachelor’s in Environmental Science from the University of Arizona. In 2019, she completed her Master’s in Language Teaching from the Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia in Tunja, Colombia. Her work in Colombia has focused on educational equity for women and girls in rural areas, as well as gender and academic writing in the public university space. As the former editorial assistant of Enletawa Journal, Anna sought to make academic journals more inclusive of voices historically silenced in academia. Currently, she is in the Ph.D. in Education program at UC Davis in the Language, Literacy, and Culture emphasis. Her areas of interest include critical feminist epistemologies, feminist informed participatory action research, critical literacies, and STEM and Latinx identities in academia. 


Rallón, A. O., & Peñaloza-Rallón, A. C. (2021). Write on, Women! Discovering personal skills through feminist pedagogy and narratives. HOW Journal, 28(1), 163-182. 

Peñaloza, A. C. (2020). Leadership, risk taking, and social gender roles among Colombian female undergraduate language learners. Profile: Issues in Teachers’ Professional Development, 22(2), 33-47. 

Ramos-Holguín, B., & Peñaloza-Rallón, A. C. (2020). Central events and causal connections: A narrative inquiry study among Colombian female scholars in their processes as writers. GIST – Education and Learning Research Journal, 20, 33-63. 

Peñaloza, A. C., & Salamanca, L.C. (2020). Writing from the self: Reflecting on the role of creative writing in the academic writing classroom. ENLETAWA JOURNAL, 12(2), 97-121. 

Peñaloza, A. C., & Vásquez-Guarnizo, J. (2019). Reflections on educational issues among modern language students. HOW Journal, 26(1), 129-151. 

Peñaloza, A. C., & Rallón, A. O. (2019). Dear someone: Connecting medical students and rural elementary school students through pen pal letters. ENLETAWA Journal, 11(2), 13-29.


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