Student Profile

Izamar Ortiz-González

Ph.D. Student-School Organization and Policy


Izamar Ortiz-González is a daughter of immigrant parents. This experience thought her to navigate multiple narratives at school and at home. Bridging the gap between these narratives has been her goal throughout her life as a teacher, organizer and student.

She double majored in International Relations and Spanish for her BA at UC Davis. She received her single subject teaching credential and Masters of Arts in Education from Loyola Marymount University. She spent six years as a public school teacher in Sacramento, California. She organizes with other educators through the Association of Raza Educators.

Research Interests   

For research she is interested in examine the impact of neoliberal education policies such as charter schools, and programs like Teach for America on minoritized students and communities. 

She is a proud Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program Fellow 



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