CCS Student Opportunities

Student Opportunities


There are many ways that current and prospective students can engage with us at the Center for Community and Citizen Science. In general research centers on campus can provide a valuable opportunity for students to:

  • Gain experience, build your resumé, and references for future jobs;
  • Advance your academic work;
  • Expand your network of colleagues on campus and beyond; and
  • Better understand the inner workings of the University, and the many roles that people play in this sprawling institution.
  • Find a community of fun people.

The graduate and undergraduate students who work with us are a crucial part of our community, bringing valuable energy, perspectives, and experience to our inherently interdisciplinary group. If you’re interested in getting involved, click here to read more and get plugged in.


Community and Citizen Science in Conservation Course

The Center for Community and Citizen Science offers a 2-unit ”Community and Citizen Science in Conservation” course at UC Davis. The course involves weekly discussion and exploration of community and citizen science (CCS) approaches and applications broadly related to conservation. With an emphasis on recent academic literature, each session focuses on a different topic such as equity and justice, project design and implementation, and participant and conservation benefits. Other topics are identified and explored based on student interest. This course allows students to develop ideas for CCS projects within their own research. 

Students who complete the course are eligible to apply for the CCS in Conservation Fellowship, offered annually by the UC Davis Center for Community and Citizen Science.

If you have any questions, please contact Ryan Meyer,,  or Todd Harwell,

Download the 2023 course flier


CCS in Conservation Fellowship

Training, mentorship, and funding for graduate students in conservation

Effective conservation brings together research, partnerships across disciplines and sectors, and a commitment to iterative learning that supports long-term stewardship. In conservation science, community and citizen science (CCS) approaches can be especially powerful and yield valuable data while also advancing other parts of a conservation program, such as education and community engagement. However, formal training in CCS is not yet widely available for graduate students pursuing degrees in conservation science. Whatever their career paths, graduate students can benefit from an awareness of, and experiences with CCS approaches, applied in a conservation context.

The UC Davis Center for Community and Citizen Science offers the Community and Citizen Science in Conservation Fellowship to provide graduate students in conservation with the opportunity for training, funding, and guided hands-on experience with CCS. To qualify for the fellowship, graduate students must complete a 10-week seminar in the spring exploring CCS approaches and applications broadly related to conservation. Accepted fellows will be awarded a stipend for research support and given mentorship and professional development opportunities throughout the following academic year.

New Partnerships in 2023

We are excited to partner with two centers of excellence at UC Davis to expand the CCSiC Fellowship program: the Institute for the Environment, and the Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute. These partnerships allow us to increase the number of fellowships available, and expand the professional development and networking opportunities provided to graduate students during their fellowship experience.

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