ELLRD Project Phases

Project Phases


Phase I

What is the current classification system for English learners with language-related disabilities across the United States?

  • 100 teachers from states with different English learner populations (California, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin) responded to an online survey
  • 40 state assessment directors from across the nation participated in an interview
  • 5 experts participated in a Delphi study

Phase II

How does language complexity affect different English learner and language-related disability groups performance on a math test?

  • 800+ English learners and non-English, both with and without disabilities, in 3rd/4th grade completed a 40-item math test, which had varying levels of difficulty in areas of math content and language complexity
  • 4 English learners and 4 non-English learners participated in Think Aloud interviews on math items that proved to be most challenging for their student groups

Phase III

What academic subject areas related to language is there most differential performance between English learners with and without language-related disabilities?

  • 130 English learners (16 of which are English learners with a language-related disability) in 3rd/4th grade completed a battery of assessments as part of the English Learner Language Ability Index or ELLAI

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