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UCTV Features on Autism & Education

Peter Mundy speaking about educating individuals with autism on UCTV

Education Professor Peter Mundy, who serves as the Director of Educational Research at the UC Davis MIND Institute, is featured on UCTV for his talk on educating individuals with autism.

“Understanding and Educating Individuals with Autism: Elementary School and Beyond”

Peter Mundy explores the social behavioral, emotional and learning characteristics of higher functioning children with autism with an emphasis on challenges in school. Watch the program here.

Other Programs on Autism and Education

“Students with Intellectual Disabilities Go to College: Opportunities for Higher Education in California”

UCLA’s Olivia Raynor explores trends, common challenges and program options in higher education for students with intellectual disabilities as a pathway to independent living, meaningful employment, and community participation. Watch it here.

“New Developments in Autism Spectrum Disorders” (Aug 2008)

Robin Church and Dawn Ibberson discuss efforts at the Kennedy Krieger Institute to help children on the autism spectrum participate in the same general education programs as their typically developing peers. Watch it here.

“Improving School-Related Peer Relationships: Challenges and Solutions”

Dr. Kasari discusses both solutions and obstacles to overcome when trying to help improve the social lives of higher-functioning children in mainstream classrooms. Watch it here.

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