Student Profile

Chris Jadallah

PhD Student, Science and Agricultural Education


PhD in Education, University of California, Davis, In progress. 

B.S. in Conservation and Resource Studies, University of California, Berkeley, 2016

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in public participation in science, adaptive co-management of natural resources, and other community-based approaches to conservation that center local and Indigenous knowledges. I bring an interdisciplinary lens to my work, where I use theories and methods from the social sciences to better understand how  participatory and collaborative processes might deepen opportunities for individual and collective learning that contributes to social-ecological resilience, with a specific focus on questions of power and place.

While previous research examines native bee conservation and diversified farming systems, my current work with The Center for Community and Citizen Science focuses on the topic of dam removal and  watershed restoration at multiple sites in the Western United States. 

I am committed to critical, engaged, and action-oriented scholarship that is co-created with community partners and responsive to local concerns. My ultimate goal is to partner with individuals and communities in working toward a more just and sustainable world. 

Keywords: public participation in science, community and citizen science, people-place relations, social-ecological systems


NSF Graduate Research Fellow 2018-2023


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