YCCS Professional Learning

YCCS Professional Learning Resources from the Center for Community and Citizen Science


The rapid advancement of citizen science has created opportunities for teachers and informal science educators to involve youth in authentic science. What does this mean for science learning? The Center for Community and Citizen Science has been exploring these questions, and bridging research and practice for Youth-focused Community and Citizen Science.

At the UC Davis Center for Community and Citizen Science, we offer a variety of professional learning opportunities for educators, both formal and informal, focusing on K-12 students in and out of the classroom. In addition to professional learning, we also offer complementary supports and materials for student engagement, to facilitate citizen science activities, engage students in authentic science, and create opportunities for interactions with practicing scientists and researchers, as well as community partners.

Additional educator resources include curricula, activities, guides, hand-outs, surveys, questionnaires and other resources. Use and adapt these resources to optimize learning in your YCCS project.

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