YSP Living on Campus

Living on Campus

Live, study, eat, and play on campus at UC Davis


As a residential program, YSP provides participants with the opportunity to live on campus at UC Davis and experience what their first year of university will be like.

  • Students live in the dorms, sharing a room with a roommate, as well as a bathroom with many of the students on the floor.
  • In the dorms, students have access to a laundry room with washers and dryer and study room.
  • Students receive three meals a day at the dining commons, access to gym, sport fields, Library and other school accommodations.
  • Easy accessibility to downtown Davis.

YSP supports gender inclusive housing. Students are welcome to live in a room that matches their gender identity, as well as use bathrooms that match their gender identity.


Safety Precautions to Protect Participants


The safety of YSP participants is our top priority and we are committed to following all campus guidelines and procedures to protect participants. Please see links to campus resources below. We will also be sharing further information on the YSP website soon regarding the safety precautions that are in place to protect participants. Please check the website for updates and feel free to contact the program director (vsp@ucdavis.edu) with questions after you’ve had a chance to review the information.

Campus resources:

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