CCS Events and Trainings

Events and Trainings


We offer trainings for educators, and are developing programs for scientists, practitioners and others interested in community and citizen science. See below for more information, and to learn about upcoming opportunities.

Educator Workshops

Our workshops for in-school and out-of-school educators are grounded in research on what works in youth-focused community and citizen science. Participants learn about key practices for youth and educators, which can be applied in a wide range of existing citizen and community science projects, or in the development of new ones. They do hands-on citizen science work, and connect with Next Generation Science Standards.

We currently offer two programs: a half-day workshop, and 3-day (12-hour) institute, and are very open to collaborations that allow us to pilot additional training and support models.

See below for information about upcoming training opportunities, and contact us if you’re interested participating, or bringing a training to your area.

CCS Collabinar

Through the CCS Collabinar, we collaborate with others on exciting challenges and opportunities in community and citizen science. This occasional series invites researchers and practitioners to present their work, engage with each other, and get feedback. Our guests will give brief presentations on their work, but the focus of the Collabinar is on working through challenges and design opportunities, while exploring mutual learning and potential collaboration. 

To stay informed about upcoming Collabinars, sign up here.

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3-Day Institute prepares educators for real science in the garden with students.

We are still glowing from our three days of shared learning, planning, and camaraderie with local partners, teachers, after-school educators, school garden coordinators. With thanks to our partner, Yolo Farm to Fork, who developed the article below, we offer some initial insights from this workshop, with more to come in the near future! 

Blog entry

Reflecting on our Woolman Center workshop

Named after a mythical land from a novela when the Spanish first arrived, California was said to be paradise on Earth. However, times have changed since the Spanish first laid their eyes on the place we now call home. Social activists have spoken openly about the disasters of environmental change and many, from the top of California’s government to grassroots organizations are beginning to create much more systematic and widespread awareness and change with initiatives.


Sharing Community & Citizen Science with Local Educators

In February, we teamed up with Pepperwood Preserve and Sonoma County K-5th grade educators to run a workshop on how to facilitate community and citizen science in the classroom. Activities included observational sketching, a mini bioblitz, and sharing the YCCS Environmental Science Agency framework. Educators left eager and equip to try out new projects in creative ways with their students.

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