Faculty Profile EMPHASIS AREA: LLC. Adolescent Language and Literacy; English Education; Linguistic Anthropology of Education; Sociocultural Approaches to Learning; Discourse Analysis; Black and Latina/o Youth Interactions; Ethnography

Danny C. Martinez

Associate Professor, Chair of the Graduate Group in Education



2012, Ph.D., UCLA, Education: Urban Schooling

2002, M.A., UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education

2000, B.A. UCLA American Literature and Culture & Chicana/o Studies, Minor in Educational Studies 

Professional Appointments

2019-           Associate Professor, UC Davis – School of Education

2013-2019, Assistant Professor, UC Davis – School of Education

2012-2013, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Illinois at Chicago – 


Martinez, D. C, Montaño, E., & Rojo, J. (in press). Leveraging Classroom Data Sets for Teacher Learning. To appear in I. Garcia-Sanchez, and    M. F. Orellana (eds.) Everyday Learning: Leveraging Non-Dominant Youth Language and Culture in Schools. Routledge.

Martínez, R. A. & Martinez, D. C. (in press). Moving beyond essentialist, purist, and prescriptivist understandings of Chicanx and Latinx students’ linguistic repertoires. To appear in McSwan, J. & Faltis, C. (eds.) Critical Perspectives on Codeswitching in Classroom Settings: Language Practices for Multilingual Teaching and Learning. New York, NY: Routledge. 

de los Rios, C.V., Martinez, D. C., Musser, A., Canady, A., Camangian, P., & Quijada-Cerecer, P.D. (in press). Upending Colonial Practices: Toward Repairing Harm in English Education, Theory Into Practice, DOI: 10.1080/00405841.2019.1626615

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Athanases, S. Z., Banes, L. C., Wong, J. W. & Martinez, D. C. (2018).  Exploring linguistic diversity from the inside out: Implications of self-reflective inquiry for teacher education.  Journal of Teacher Education, doi: 10.1177/0022487118778838. 

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Martinez, Danny C. (2016). Latino linguistic repertoires in an intensely-segregated Black and Latina/o high school: Is this superdiversity? International Journal for the Sociology of Language. 241, 69-95. 

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Banes, Leslie, Danny C. Martinez, Steve Athanases & Joanna Wong (2016). Self-reflexive inquiry into language use and beliefs: Toward more expansive language ideologiesInternational Multilingual Research Journal, 10(3), 168-187. 

Martinez, Danny C. (2016).  “This ain’t the projects”:  A researcher’s reflections on the local appropriateness of our research tools. Anthropology and Education Quarterly, 47(1), 59-77. 

Martinez, Danny C. (2016). Emerging critical meta-awareness among Black and Latina/o youth during corrective feedback practices in urban English Language Arts classrooms. Urban Education, 52(5), 637-666.

Philip, Thomas, M., Danny C. Martinez, Eduardo Lopez & Antero Garcia (2016). Toward a teacher solidarity lens: Former teachers of color (re)envisioning educational research. Race, Ethnicity and Education, 19(1), 182-199. 

Martinez, Danny C. (2015). Black and Latina/o Youth Communicative Repertoires in Urban English Language Arts Classrooms.  In E. Morrel & L. Sherff (Eds.), New Directions in Teaching English: Reimagining Teaching, Teacher Education, and Research (pp. 59-79).  New York, NY: Rowman & Littlefield

Martinez, Danny C. (2014). Chumpas, los bilis, y peros?: The intersection and collision of language in a middle school newcomer classroom. In J. Mahiri & S. W. Freedman (Eds.), The first year of teaching: Classroom research to increase student learning (pp. 107-119). New York, NY: Teachers College Press.

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Orellana, Marjorie F., Clifford Lee & Danny C. Martinez (2011).  More than just a hammer: Building linguisstic toolkitsIssues in Applied Linguistics, 18(3), 1-7.

Orellana, Marjorie F., Jennifer Reynolds & Danny C. Martinez (2010).  Cultural modeling: Building on cultural strengths as an alternative to remedial reading approaches.  In R. Allington & McGill-Franzen (Eds.), Handbook of reading disabilities research.  New York: Taylor & Francis.

Gutierrez, Kris D., P. Zitlali Morales, Danny C. Martinez (2009).  Re-mediating literacy: Culture, difference, and learning for students from nondominant communitiesReview of Research in Education.  33, 213-245.

Policy Report

Gandara, Patricia, Megan Hopkins, & Danny C. Martinez (2011).  An assets view of language and culture for Latino students. Latino Policy & Issues Brief.  UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center.

Special Issue Co-Editor

Orellana, Marjorie F., Danny C. Martinez & Ramon A. Martinez (Eds.) (2014). Thoughts from the editors:  Language brokering and translanguaging: Lessons on leveraging students’ linguistic competencies.  Language Arts, 91(5), 311-312

Edited Online Journal

Orellana, Marjorie F., Danny C. Martinez & Jacqueline D’warte (Eds.) (2010). What’s language got to do with it? Center X-Change Online Repository

Fellowships and Awards

Janet Emig Award, English Language Arts Teacher Education, National Council for Teachers of English, 2018

Concha Delgado Gaitan Council for Anthropology and Education Presidential Fellow, 2014-2015

National Council for Teachers of English Assembly for Research (NCTEAR) Cultivating New Voices Scholar Award, 2014

Ford Foundation Dissertation Year Fellowship, 2011-2012

UC ACCORD Dissertation Year Fellowship, 2011-2012

Texas State University-San Marcos Summer Predoctoral Fellowship, 2011

NCTE Cultivating New Voices Among Scholars of Color Fellow, 2010-2012

UCLA Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Fellowship, 2008 & 2010

UC Santa Cruz-Fellowship Participant: International Consortium of Researchers of Learning through Intent Community Participation, 2009-2011

UCLA Latino Alumni Association Fellowship, 2008-2009

UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education Flanders New Teacher Fellowship, 2000-2002

Courses Taught

Undergraduate Courses

Introduction to Schools-EDU 100

Languaging in Chicanx and Latinx Communities-EDU 151

Teacher Education Courses

Practitioner Action Research-UCD Teacher Education-EDU 206C&D

Literacy in the Secondary Classroom-EDU 301

Ph.D. Seminars

Youth Ethnographies of Language, Literacy, and Race-EDU 244

Ethnographic Methods in Education-EDU 204A

Professional Memberships

American Educational Research Association (AERA)

American Anthropological Association (AAA)

Council for Anthropology and Education SIG

Literacy Research Association (LRA)

National Council for Teacher’s of English (NCTE)

National Council for Teacher’s of English Assembly for Research (NCTEAR)

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