English Language Arts Education


English Language Arts Education

The School of Education has several faculty with expertise in English language arts education. Our PhD emphasis area Language, Literacy and Culture, as well as our teaching credential in English prepare researchers and teachers in this area. Find more information about our research in this area here.

Joseph Bruchac

Joseph Bruchac
Featured author at Words Take Wing 2015

Joseph Bruchac, featured author of the 2015 Words Take Wing: Honoring Diversity in Children’s Literature event addresses 1,800 children and their teachers at the Mondavi Center at UC Davis. 

Joseph Bruchac speaks at Words Take Wing in the Mondavi Center, February 10, 2015

Author’s Tales Come Alive
Joseph Bruchac - Words Take Wing

Words Take Wing, featuring Native American children’s writer Joseph Bruchac, was featured in the Davis Enterprise on February 12, 2015. 

“This is the kind of program I wish occurred in more places,” the author told The Enterprise. “As an inspiration to teachers and students, it is second to none. I can’t think of a more enthusiastic audience. You can see the excitement.” Read the full article by Jeff Hudson.

Research Jamal Abedi Christian Faltis

Impact of the WRITE Program on English Language Learner Achievement and Teacher Instructional Practice

Through this study, professors Jamal Abedi and Christian Faltis investigating the impact of the WRITE Tier 2 writing program on the academic performance of English Language Learner (ELL) students and on teacher instructional practices in middle and high schools. 


Globe Education Academy for Teachers

The Globe Education Academy for Teachers is a professional development residency for for drama and English teachers of grades 7–12 and community colleges in the Sacramento region. The academy is a partnership of the School of Education, the Mondavi Center at UC Davis, and Shakespeare’s Globe in London. There is an annual application process for the residency, which lasts from spring to fall.

News Steven Athanases

Responsive Teacher Inquiry and Innovation in Teaching ELA with Diverse Learners
Posted June 2014

School of Education Professor Steve Athanases and researchers Lisa Bennett and Juliet Wahleithner provide an in-depth look at one pre-service teacher program and its use of teacher research as a way of inducting new teachers into the profession on the National Writing Project Radio on Thursday, June 12. Listen to the conversation here.


What Happened to Language in the Language Arts?

Educators are in near universal agreement that finding ways to incorporate students’ everyday use of language in the classroom is a worthy goal. The argument often revolves around making the curriculum more relevant and, thus, more engaging for youth. Rarely, however, do educators ask students to analyze and reflect on their own uses of language, particularly not in classrooms with a majority of English learners.


Danny C. Martinez Honored for Research on Black and Latino Youth’s Language and Literacy Practices

In recognition of his scholarship on the use of language among Black and Latino youth in urban English Language Arts classrooms, the National Council of Teachers of English Assembly for Research (NCTEAR) has honored Danny C. Martinez, assistant professor of education, with an award for his continued work to increase diverse perspectives into how we examine language and literacy in multicultural and multilingual communities.


Examining a Large-Scale Professional Development Program’s Impact on Reading Achievement
February 2013

Kevin Gee, assistant professor in the UC Davis School of Education, recently helped complete a large-scale study of the impact of a professional development program on reading achievement in Hawaii for the Institute for Educational Sciences.

Steven Athanases, Former Chair of the Graduate Group in Education
Spotlight Steven Athanases

Steven Athanases

Steven Athanases started his career as a high school English teacher in the Chicago area, filling students’ minds with the tales of John Steinbeck, Harper Lee and Langston Hughes for over 10 years.

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