School Structure and Reform


School Structure and Reform


Evaluation of the Michael Fullan Systems Transformation Collaborative

The three-year Systems Transformation Collaborative aimed to deepen leadership skills at all levels of a district to mobilize commitment and energy to achieve shared goals with a laser-like focus on improved instruction. The collaborative included three phases: design, capacity building, and sustainability, all focused on district and school leaders and leadership within districts to support change. Funded by the Dirk and Charlene Kabcenell Foundation, this evaluation will run through June 2015.

Associate Dean and Professor Paul Heckman

Paul Heckman

Paul Heckman knows firsthand the power of a community that takes charge of its own destiny. In fact, he believes communities made up of empowered parents have schools that function better.

Usually schools talk to parents: administrators and teachers tell them what their children are doing in school and report on their academic progress. It is a one-way conversation, according to Heckman.

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