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International Education

The School of Education has faculty with expertise in agricultural education abroad and in nonformal education programs in developing countries. Find more information about their research in this area here.

News Leslie Banes Michael S. Hill

PhD Students Lead Professional Development for Teachers in China
Fall 2014 Student News

In November 2014, School of Education PhD students and seasoned educators Leslie Banes and Michael Hill led a two-week professional development seminar in China for fourth through ninth grade teachers of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Research Cary Trexler

U.S. Vietnam Agriculture Exchange
posted May 2014

In March, more than 50 student researchers from Hanoi Agriculture University (HUA) and Nong Lam University in Vietnam presented the results of research they conducted as part of a six-month program led by Cary Trexler, associate professor of agriculture education.

Research Kevin Gee

Are Girls Learning as Much as Boys in the Developing World?

For millions of children in the developing world, formal schooling is often out of reach. Fortunately, many children, shut out of the formal education system because of gender, ethnicity, disability, or other obstacles such as annual flooding, do have access to nonformal education programs.

But how well are girls served? Assistant Professor of Education Kevin Gee wanted to know.

Research Cary Trexler

Campus Provides Seed Funding for International Graduate Internship Program
February 2014

Cary Trexler, associate professor in the School of Education and College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (CAES), has been awarded a seed grant of $14,000 to lay the groundwork for an innovative international internship program for graduate students in CAES.

Research Steven Athanases

Addressing the Quality of Teacher Preparation in Ecuador
November 2013

UC Davis School of Education Professor Steven Athanases presented his research on mentoring new teachers in a plenary address at a recent international conference in Quito, Ecuador. The conference, titled “Quality Education as a Generator of Change,” was sponsored by Ecuador’s Ministry of Education and the Flemish Association for Development, Cooperation and Technical Assistance (Belgium).

Research Cary Trexler

Agriculture Education Professor at Work in Haiti
November 2013

Cary Trexler, associate professor of agriculture education, received a three-year $700,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to establish a comprehensive vocational agricultural extension program in Haiti. In October, Trexler headed a kick-off meeting with the Haiti Ministries of Agriculture and Finance to ensure the groundwork is laid for an effort to reestablish and invigorate what used to be a strong network of agriculture extensionists in Haiti.

News Cary Trexler

Professor Cary Trexler Awarded Grant from Vietnam Education Foundation
July 19, 2013

The U.S. government’s Vietnam Education Foundation has awarded a U.S. Faculty Scholar grant to Glenn Young and Cary Trexler of the University of California, Davis. Both are associate professors, Young in the Department of Food Science and Technology, and Trexler in the School of Education.

The one-year grant will support the establishment of a participatory research class in Vietnam, for Vietnamese undergraduates, to guide them through projects related to preharvest, postharvest, food science, crop science and food safety.

Research Kevin Gee

Making School a Reality in Bangladesh: A Large-Scale Evaluation of a Nonformal Education Program
Study presented by Kevin Gee at AERA Meeting on May 1, 2013

School is a fact of life for virtually every child in America, but in the world’s poorest countries, school is not a given.

For instance, nearly two million children in Bangladesh lack access to a formal classroom, so the government relies on international development organizations and corporate partners to provide nonformal education to their most marginalized citizens. But does this approach work?

Research Heidi Ballard

Building Community Capacity for Environmental Decision-Making
November 2012

Associate Professor Heidi Ballard, an expert in environmental education and citizen science, is used to working with educators, environmentalists, students and nonprofits to engage non-scientists in learning about environmental science and acting on their learning to influence their communities.

In 2012, she traveled to Mpimbwe, Tanzania, to lend her expertise to a larger project led by two UC Davis researchers that engages local people in the conservation of one of the largest wildlife parks in that country, Katavi National Park.

Spotlight Cary Trexler

Cary Trexler

In 2007, Cary Trexler, an assistant professor and expert on agriculture education, was awarded a prestigious Fulbright fellowship to extend his research and outreach in Vietnam. “Ultimately, all of this work has the potential to move the School of Education beyond a focus on secondary schools to opportunities for education policy and administration,” said Trexler. “It is potentially an opportunity to understand and participate in a restructuring of an entire educational system.”

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