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Citizen Science

Public Participation in Scientific Research (PPSR), often referred to as citizen science, has incredible potential for promoting greater understanding and appreciation for science, fostering environmental stewardship, and encouraging civic engagement. Find research, news and resources about PPSR here.

Research Heidi Ballard

Providing Expertise in Citizen Science Research
February 2015

Heidi Ballard, associate professor of environmental education, presented talks on citizen science and public participation in scientific research at the Cambridge Conservation Forum in November 2014 and at the first-ever Citizen Science Conference that preceded the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in February.

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Heidi Ballard Co-Writes Policy Forum: Next Steps for Citizen Science
Science, March 28, 2014

Heidi Ballard, associate professor of education, co-wrote a piece for Science highlighting the growth and evolution of citizen science projects.

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Heidi Ballard Receives Two Grants to Study Citizen Science
February 2014

Associate Professor Heidi Ballard, an expert in environmental science education, is embarking on two newly funded research projects to study the efficacy of employing citizen science as a learning tool and a sustainable model for rigorous research. One project will focus on adults and the other on children.

Research Heidi Ballard

Studying Public Participation in Scientific Research and Its Impact on Identity
November 2013

Heidi Ballard, associate professor in environmental science education at the UC Davis School of Education, received a three-year $283,907 grant from the National Science Foundation to examine how participation in authentic scientific practice fosters and supports lifelong science learning.

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Heidi Ballard on Citizen Science at Commonwealth Club
Podcast of presentation on August 26, 2013

Backyards, Beaches, Birds and Bees: Citizen Science

Listen to the podcast in iTunes here. Choose #4: Backyards, Beaches, Birds (posted on 9/2/13).

Research Heidi Ballard

Building Community Capacity for Environmental Decision-Making
November 2012

Associate Professor Heidi Ballard, an expert in environmental education and citizen science, is used to working with educators, environmentalists, students and nonprofits to engage non-scientists in learning about environmental science and acting on their learning to influence their communities.

In 2012, she traveled to Mpimbwe, Tanzania, to lend her expertise to a larger project led by two UC Davis researchers that engages local people in the conservation of one of the largest wildlife parks in that country, Katavi National Park.

Spotlight Heidi Ballard

Heidi Ballard
Leading at the Intersection of Science, Education and Social Justice

Coming from a long line of teachers, Heidi Ballard was sure of one thing when she entered college: she was not going to become a teacher. Five years later, she found herself teaching high school biology.

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