Lauren E. Lindstrom


Dr. Lauren E. Lindstrom is an active researcher whose areas of interest include autism and developmental disabilities, special education, career and college readiness and transition services for youth with disabilities, and access to quality education for families in poverty. She has been recognized internationally for her work promoting employment and access for individuals with disabilities. She is an affiliated faculty member at the UC Davis MIND Institute and a member of the UC Davis Graduate Group in Education.
Faculty Profile EMPHASIS AREA: LMS. Translational research on education and special education; Academic development for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Peter Mundy

Professor Emeritus, Distinguished Professor of Education and the MIND Institute of the Department of Psychiatry

Portrait of Peter Mundy

There are seven million exceptional children with special needs in our American school system, such as children with autism spectrum development. They have the right to appropriate and comparable educational opportunities. Truly meeting the needs of these children requires a commitment to integrating advances in educational science, neuroscience, and social policy.

(530) 752-0921
Faculty Profile EMPHASIS AREA: LMS. Autism Spectrum Disorder, Educational Research, Classroom Active Engagement and Participation, Social Communication

Nicole Sparapani

Associate Professor

Nicole Sparapani, Ph.D., is an associate professor within the School of Education and the MIND Institute. Dr. Sparapani’s background in speech-language pathology, developmental psychology, and education has informed her research agenda, which focuses on the dynamic and transactional interplay between children and their classroom environment. The overarching goal of her research agenda is to improve the educational experiences and outcomes of neurodivergent learners, including children on the autism spectrum. Dr.

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