LLDL Research Projects

Research Projects


Bilingual Reading and the Brain Study

This is a large-scale 5-year neuroimaging study in looking at how children learning two languages learn to read from kindergarten to 3rd grade in immersion programs. Our participants include Spanish and Cantonese speakers learning to read in English and in their native languages, and English speakers learning to read in English as well as Spanish or Cantonese. The theoretical goal is to test and evaluate models of literacy acquisition through behavioral assessments and neuro-imaging techniques.


Bilinguals and Socio-Emotional Development

We are examining the relationship between bilingual proficiency and socio-emotional development with Spanish-speaking and Chinese-speaking immigrant preschoolers and their families.  


Cantonese Dual Language Immersion     

Few studies exist on Cantonese-English dual language programs in the U.S. In collaboration with the principal and teachers, this study examines the relationships between language identity, language attitudes, and language proficiency with upper elementary school students attending a Cantonese Dual Language Immersion Program.

Collaborators: Dr. Genevieve Leung (USF)    

Funding: Language Learning 



Early Literacy Study of Immigrant Children

This study examines the language and literacy development of emerging bilinguals from Spanish-speaking and Cantonese-speaking English Learners in an urban school district in Northern California.  Data in both home language and English were collected in the fall of kindergarten, winter/spring of first grade, and spring of second grade.

Funded by Foundation for Child Development

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