Congratulations to our graduating seniors!

A big congratulations to our seniors!  In June, twelve of our lab members graduated!

Marlene Andrade, Krystal Jane Bautista, Zi Fang, Daniela Garcia, Gustavo Hinojosa, Jaqui Jimenez, Frances Lansdowne, Darlyng Lopez, Cecilia Plascencia, Yenifer Silvetre, Paola Urena Sanchez, Xuying Yuki Yu

Thank you for all your help in transcribing, assessing, data entry, translations, coding, recruiting, interviewing, and so much more! 

Congratulations and best of luck in your future endeavors! 


Undergraduate Research Conference 2020

May 6-7, 2020

We have 16 students from our lab presenting their findings at the Virtual URC conference. All students spent this past year looking at the literature, coming up with research questions, and analyzing the data. Please go to the virtual conference to hear their recorded presentations and leave them comments/questions!

Frances Lansdowne will present on Home Environment and Oral Proficiency: Emerging Bilinguals From Immigrant Families


Congratulations Diana and Helen!

Diana and HelenCongratulations to our graduating seniors, Diana Santoyo and Helen Tran who graduated Winter Quarter 2020! 

Diana has been with our lab since she was a freshman and has been involved in all of our projects. We couldn’t have done our Woodland study and now our LEAD study without her! Diana also presented at the URC conference (twice!) and the McNair conference, and her manuscript is forthcoming in the McNair Journal. 


AERA 2020 Conference

We will be sharing some of our recent work:

Head Start Teachers’ Language Use in Classrooms 

Presenter: Megan Chan, Francis Yang, Qing Zhou & Yuuko Uchikoshi 


Undergraduate Research Conference 4/26/2019

Great work from 11 of our undergraduate RAs! 

Friday, April 26, 2019 at the ARC Pavilon.  

Title: Bilingualism and Executive Functioning: Emerging Bilinguals in Head Start

Presenter: Diana Santoyo 


AERA Presentation

April 2019

Neva He presented on a panel on Chinese Dual Immersion Programs.  Co-authors: Lu Yang, Ty Brownridge, Genevieve Leung, Qing Zhou and Yuuko Uchikoshi



SRCD Presentation

April 2019

Lu Yang, Aya Williams, Qing Zhou and Yuuko Uchikoshi presented  on ”Language Environment, Parental Attitudes and Acculturation among Dual Language Learners in Head Start”

Abstract: Dual language learners (DLLs) make up 32% of young children (age 0 to 8) in the U.S. (Park, O’Toole, & Katsiaficas, 2017). Spanish and Chinese are the top two home languages spoken in DLLs’ families (Park, O’Toole, & Katsiaficas, 2017). 


Yang Presents Dissertation Research

AAAL March 2019

Preview of Lu Yang’s Dissertation Research (part 1): “Development and Validation of a Motivation Survey for English Learners in China”

While considerable studies have examined students’ motivation in English as a foreign language (EFL) contexts, a majority of them focused on high school and university students. The motivation survey items used in these studies may not be applicable to EFL learners in elementary schools.


AAAL Presentation

March 2019

With Dr. Hyun-Sook Kang at UIUC, Lindblad and Uchikoshi presented a study on the development of tense and aspect in the English narratives of dual language learners (DLLs) learning English/Spanish or English/Cantonese. The frequency distribution of English tense and aspect markers were analyzed in relation to foregrounding and backgrounding in the storyline.  


Yang presents at SSSR conference

July 2018

PhD student Lu Yang, who worked on the Bilingual Reading and the Brain Study, presented findings at the annual SSSR conference in July 2018 in Brighton, UK.


Time 1 results presented at AERA

April 2018

Bilingual Reading and the Brain Study Time 1 results were presented at AERA: “Language Exposure and Language Proficiency: English-Spanish Bilinguals in Dual-Language Immersion Programs” in DLI Symposium ”Language and Literacy Development: Immersion Education in the U.S. and Canada.”


New Publication Leung, G., Tong., R., Uchikoshi, Y. (2018)

Leung, G., Tong., R., Uchikoshi, Y. (2018).  “Learning Cantonese will help us”: Elementary school students’ perceptions of dual language education. Bilingual Research Journal. Published in relation to the Cantonese Dual Language Immersion   program.

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