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    Upcoming Important Dates and Events

    • September 19th – First Day of Fall Quarter 2022
    • September 20th – SOE Fall Retreat
    • September 21st – Fall Quarter Instruction Begins
    • October 3rd, Faculty Meeting, 10am-noon

    SOE Academic Personnel Information:

    Pay Period vs Service Period Chart

    Pay Period vs Service Period Chart

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    Academic Affairs Information:

    The SOE Academic Personnel Office is one of several functional areas in the School of Education’s administrative organizational structure. The responsibilities of the SOE Academic Personnel Office include the administration of academic personnel and academic affairs matters within the school. This office represents the Dean, Associate Dean, Department Chair, and Program Chairs in the following matters:

    • Provides information, interpretation, and recommendation related to academic personnel and academic affairs policies, procedures, and issues.
    • Manages academic personnel reviews and activities; and implements academic salary programs.
    • Serves as a resource, providing academic personnel information for schoolwide matters.

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