Associate Deans’ Offices

Associate Deans’ Offices


Welcome to the offices of the School of Education’s Associate Dean of Academic Programs and Instruction and Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs. Our offices represent the Dean, Associate Deans, and Program Chairs in their related functions.

Associate Dean of Academic Programs and Instruction Office

The School of Education has four academic programs: PhD, EdD, Credential/MA and Undergraduate Minor. The Academic Programs and Instruction Office is responsible for the administration of academic programs and instructional matters within the School. These responsibilities are split between the Program Manager and the Instructional Support Coordinator:

  • Program Management includes:
    • Analysis of program, course and staffing needs to best serve all programs in the school, providing long- and short-term program planning and budgeting. 
    • Development, documentation and implementation of School-wide procedures and practices related to academic planning. 
    • Serves as a resource, providing academic program information for schoolwide matters.
  • Instructional Support includes anything related to an assigned quarter, including:
    • Course Scheduling including day/time/room assignments
    • Course Evaluations
    • Mandatory First Day of Enrollment Questions
    • PTA’s/PTD’s
    • Rosters and Drops
    • Student Registration Questions
    • TAs and Related Questions
    • Variable Unit Questions


Yuuko Uchikoshi Tonkovich, Associate Dean of Academic Programs and Instruction
Kerry Hasa, Dean’s Office Program Manager
Cheri Radke, Instructional Support Coordinator

Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs

The School of Education has over 60 professional academics and 50 student academics working in its programs each year. The Academic Personnel Office administers academic personnel and academic affairs matters within the school, including:

  • Providing information, interpretation, and recommendation related to academic personnel and academic affairs policies, procedures, and issues.
  • Managing academic personnel reviews and activities and implementing academic salary programs.
  • Serving as a resource and providing academic personnel information for schoolwide matters.

School of Education Academic Personnel Information:

Academic Affairs Information:

Pay Period vs Service Period Chart

Service Period

Paychecks Received On
*If the first of the month falls on a weekend or holiday the paydate will be adjusted

Fall Quarter

Aug. 1, Sep. 1, Oct. 1 and Nov. 1

Winter Quarter

Dec. 1, Jan. 1, Feb 1. and Mar. 1

Spring Quarter

Apr. 1, May 1, Jun. 1 and July 1

Gloria M. Rodriguez, Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs
Roxanne Grijalva, Senior Academic Personnel Analyst
Amanda Toering, Academic Personnel Analyst

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