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It is our hope that this site and tools will help you navigate the School of Education Academic Programs. We have worked hard to streamline information and make key information as accessible as possible.

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Cynthia Carter Ching, Associate Dean of Academic Programs and Instruction 

Kerry Hasa, Dean’s Office Program Manager and Special Projects  

Cheri Radke, Scheduling and Instructional Support Coordinator

Upcoming Important Dates and Events 

Full Program Planning Schedule for 2023-24

January 11 – Course Confirmations Emailed to Faculty

February 27 – Faculty Meeting

The Academic Programs and Instruction Office

is one of several functional areas in the School of Education’s administrative organizational structure. The responsibilities of the Academic Programs and Instruction Office include the administration of academic programs and instructional matters within the school. This office represents the Dean, Associate Dean, Department Chair, and Program Chairs in the following matters:

  • Analysis of program, course and staffing needs to best serve all programs in the School, providing long and short term program planning and budgeting. 
  • Develops, documents and implements  School-wide procedures and practices related to academic planning. 
  • Serves as a resource, providing academic program information for schoolwide matters.

We also provide instructional support. Please use with questions related to instructional support including:

  • Books
  • Canvas Sites
  • Course Evaluations
  • Mandatory First Day of Enrollment Questions
  • PTA’s/PTD’s
  • Room Questions – NOTE: we no longer handle rooms, please continue to use the online request form for reservations
  • Rosters and Drops
  • Student Registration Questions
  • TAs and Related Questions
  • Variable Unit Questions

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