CISI About & History

What is CISI?


The California Institute for School Improvement (CISI) is a membership organization created to support district and county instructional leaders. Over 140 school districts and county offices of education are currently CISI members.

The mission of CISI is to provide local education leaders with the information on state policy and education research that they need as they perform their day-to-day work in schools. Education policy is continually being updated, and these changes affect the curriculum and instructional work of all schools. CISI serves to organize the constant flow of information on the critical issues in education in a concise, unbiased and accurate manner. We seek to save our members valuable time as we provide the vital information and materials that they need on a regular basis. 

Christina Murdoch is the Director of CISI in the Center for Applied Policy in the UC Davis School of Education.


About CISI

CISI connects education leaders to one another, allowing them the opportunity to reflect on experiences, share ideas with one another, and work together to improve education at the district and state level. Our bi-annual workshops aid the growth of cooperative discussion and work that is viewed as vital in the process of improving schools. 


History of CISI

CISI was created in the late 1970’s by Davis Campbell who at the time served as the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Campbell served as the organization’s Executive Director until he left the CDE to become the Executive Director of the California School Boards Association (CSBA). He continues his affiliation with CISI by serving on the organization’s advisory board.

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