Education Minor


Education Minor


EDU 192 /198 Process

To take EDU 192 (Internship)  or 198 (Directed Group Study) a student must secure a School of Education faculty supervisor to sponsor the work for course units. It is the student’s responsibility to email/meet with a faculty member directly to explain their project and ask if the faculty is available to serve as a sponsor. Typically a student approaches a faculty member they have taken a course with in the past.The request process needs to be done before the quarter begins.

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Courses for the Minor in Education

Any student may minor in Education by completing 20 approved units. Twelve of the 20-unit minimum are covered by the three required courses listed below. The remaining 8 elective units of coursework may be selected from approved courses in Education (see the full listing of undergraduate education courses) or from other approved electives.

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How Do I Declare A Minor?

Once you are ready to declare your minor, you must submit a “Petition to Declare a Minor” online form. Plan to do this the quarter BEFORE you plan to graduate! List your approved minor courses including those you plan on taking or are in progress and then submit this form electronically via your My UC Davis page. All 20 units of approved coursework must appear on the petition form in order for it to be processed. The online form is on the OASIS portal at:

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Online Minor Petition Form Deadlines


If you are graduating in Fall 2018 you must have your completed online Minor Petition form submitted to your College Dean’s office by October 9, 2018Please note that processing time for minor forms submitted online to the School of Education is a minimum of 3 days.

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