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Educational Talent Search (ETS)


The UC Davis Educational Talent Search Program is designed and structured to motivate and encourage students to establish and pursue educational and career goals. The ETS program identifies qualified students with potential for postsecondary education and encourages them to complete secondary school. Through weekly workshops and one-on-one counseling, program counselors enhance students’ personal, cultural, social and academic awareness and development. They assist students with early career and educational planning throughout middle school and high school, inform participants about college requirements, and help them identify their areas of interest. Here is a list of topics covered in ETS sessions:


  • Assessments to help with career decision making
  • Information about career opportunities
  • Visits to work sites to explore careers


  • Assistance in the college search process
  • Assistance completing applications
  • College exploration workshops
  • College tours
  • Information on admissions, financial aid and enrollment processes
  • Major and career exploration workshops

Financial Aid

  • Assistance in completing Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) forms
  • Information on financial aid opportunities and scholarships

Academic Advising

  • Information on making the most of four years of high school classes
  • ACT/SAT preparation workshops
  • High school course planning
  • Informational and individual advising sessions on college requirements
  • Study skills workshops

ETS seeks students who have the desire, ability and motivation to excel in their education. Joining ETS implies students and their parents are willing to make a commitment to their future.

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