ETS Community Engagement

Community Engagement


Educational Talent Search (ETS) is committed to helping students achieve educational and personal success. Learn how schools play a vital role in helping ETS reach these goals.

Forming Partnerships

University and school partnerships take time and commitment to ensure students are obtaining the necessary resources for a successful educational experience. The UC Davis Educational Talent Search program staff serve as a bridge to assist students, their families and ETS schools by visiting school sites on a weekly basis. For instance, ETS advisors visit a school on a specific day and provide workshops for ETS students as well as provide individual personal and academic assessments. This weekly collaboration allows students to receive a structured educational curriculum.

ETS advisors attend yearly conferences to obtain updates on college requirements, financial aid guidelines and college entrance exams. The information obtained at these conferences helps ETS participants receive information about study skills, motivation and values clarification. Each student’s transcript is reviewed so that students see their progress and areas needing improvement. ETS staff can provide undergraduate admission presentations for the entire senior class and other workshops that may pertain to seniors.

Program Expectation

ETS participants will be held accountable to succeed in school and in class. All students must have a GPA above a 2.0 and have an average attendance record at school and at ETS sessions. Moreover, they are expected to attend at least one workshop per month. The ETS program at UC Davis is committed to helping empower students with knowledge and the personal strength they need to fulfill their goals.

School Support

Since ETS staff visit schools weekly, the schools assure general support through the counseling and administration offices, provide a classroom for workshops and access to class schedules and transcripts. This support guarantees success for students and their families.

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