Faculty Profile EMPHASIS AREA: LMS. Child Development; Collaborative Learning; Gender and technology; Learning in Informal Settings; Qualitative Methodology; Technology and identity

Cynthia Carter Ching

Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Programs

Portrait of Cynthia Carter Ching

Research Interests

Child Development; Collaborative Learning; Gender and technology; Learning in Informal Settings; Qualitative Methodology; Technology and identity


  • Ph.D. Education, UCLA
  • B.A. Psychology, University of California Irvine

Select Publications

  • Ching, C. C. & Foley, B. J. (Eds.) (forthcoming). Constructing the self in a digital world. To be published by Cambridge University Press.
  • Ching, C. C. (forthcoming).  This is me:  Digital photo journals and young children’s technologies of the self.  In C. C. Ching & B. J. Foley (Eds.), Constructing the self in a digital world.  Cambridge, UK:  Cambridge University Press. 
  • Ching, C. C. & Hursh, A. W. (in press).  This site is blocked:  K-12 teachers and the challenge of accessing peer-to-peer resources for education.  E-learning and Digital Media.
  • Ching, C. C. & Kafai, Y. B. (2008) Peer pedagogy: Student collaboration and reflection in a learning through design project. Teachers College Record, 110, 2601-2632.
  • Ching, C. C., Wang, X. C., Shih, M., & Kedem, Y. (2006). Digital photography and journals in a K-1 classroom: Toward meaningful technology integration in early childhood education. Early Education & Development, 17, 347-371.
  • Ching, C. C., Basham, J., & Jang, E. (2005). The legacy of the digital divide: Gender, SES, and early exposure as predictors of full-spectrum technology use among young adults. Urban Education, 40, 394-411.
  • Ching, C. C., Wang, X. C., & Kedem, Y. (2005). Digital photo journals: A novel approach to addressing early childhood standards and recommendations. In S. Tettegah & R. Hunter (Eds.), Technology: Issues in administration, policy, and applications in K-12 schools, pp. 253-269. Kluwer Academic Publishers.
  • Ching, C. C., Levin, J. A., Parisi, J. (2004). Classroom artifacts: Merging the physicality, technology, and pedagogy of higher education. Education, Communication, & Information, 4, 221-235.
  • Wang, X. C. & Ching, C. C. (2003). Social construction of computer experiences in a first-grade classroom: Social processes and mediating artifacts. Early Education & Development, 14, 335-361.
  • Ching, C. C., Kafai, Y. B., & Marshall, S. (2002) “I always get stuck with the books:” Creating a space for girls to access classroom technology. In N. Yelland & A. Rubin (Eds.), Ghosts in the machine: Women’s voices in research with technology, pp. 167-189. New York, NY: Peter Lang Publishers.
  • Kafai, Y. B. & Ching, C. C. (2001) Talking science within design: Learning through design as a context for situating children’s scientific discourse. Journal of the Learning Sciences, 10, 323-363.
  • Ching, C. C., Kafai, Y. B., & Marshall, S. (2000). Spaces for change: Gender and technology access in collaborative software design. Journal of Science Education and Technology, 9, 67-78.
  • Kafai, Y. B., Franke, M. L., Ching, C. C. & Shih, J. C. (1998). Games as an interactive learning environment for fostering students’ and teachers’ mathematical inquiry. International Journal of Computers for Mathematical Learning, 3, 149-184.
  • Kafai, Y. B., Ching, C. C., & Marshall, S. (1997). Children as designers of educational multimedia software. Computers and Education, 29, 117-126.

Professional Experience

  • Associate Professor, School of Education, UC Davis, 2007-present
  • Assistant Professor, College of Education, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2001-2007

Awards and Honors

  • Jan Hawkins Early Career Award, 2007, AERA, Division C, Learning & Instruction
  • Arnold O. Beckman Award for Research, 2002, University of Illinois
  • Regents Dissertation Fellowship, 1999, University of California
  • NIMH Doctoral Research Fellowship, 1997, University of California, Los Angeles

Current Activities and Service

  • Editorial Board, American Educational Research Journal
  • Associate Editor, Journal of the Learning Sciences
  • Editorial Board, Early Childhood Research & Practice
  • Program Chair, Learning Sciences Special Interest Group, American Educational Research Association (2004-2005)
  • Education Committee, International Society of the Learning Sciences
  • Organizing Committee, International Conference on the Learning Sciences 2004
  • Organizing Committee, Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning, 2007
  • Organizing Committee, Computers and Writing Conference, 2009

Courses Taught at UC Davis

  • ED 110: Introduction to Educational Psychology
  • ED 211:  Sociocultural and Situated Perspectives on Learning
  • ED 292: Collaborative Learning
  • ED 292: Introduction to the Learning Sciences
  • ED 292: Interview Methods

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