CCS Effectiveness with COASST

Scaling Up Effectiveness for Coastal Citizen Science


Project Duration



Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska


Over the course of their lives, people learn most of the science they know outside of school, in informal educational contexts of their own choosing. This project examined such “free-choice learning” in the context of COASST — a successful and long-running citizen science program spanning much of the West Coast of North America. Researchers used quantitative and qualitative approaches to advance understanding of how learning and engagement work for COASST volunteers, and what that means of the success of the program in terms of engagement and retention of volunteers, and broader outcomes related to scientific knowledge and its application. Researchers at the Center collaborated with the University of Washington and Oregon State University, with funding from NOAA Sea Grant.


NOAA Sea Grant


COASST, University of Washington, Oregon State University

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