Faculty Profile EMPHASIS AREA: LMS. Child Development; Collaborative Learning; Gender and technology; Learning in Informal Settings; Qualitative Methodology; Technology and identity

Cynthia Carter Ching


Portrait of Cynthia Carter Ching

Cynthia Carter Ching (she/her/hers) is Professor of Education and Associate Dean for Academic Programs in the UC Davis School of Education. During the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020-2022, she served as the UC Davis Interim Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education. In her research, funded by the National Science Foundation and others, she examines the intersection of technology, learning, collaboration, and identity. Her work examines how children, youth, and adults represent and negotiate aspects of themselves via technology in classrooms, in online environments, and in games.

UC Davis School of Education Building, Room 106

Nancy Erbstein

Associate Professor in Residence

Portrait of Nancy Erbstein

My work focuses on how communities and regions produce and disrupt disparities in youth well-being, with emphasis on disparities associated with race/ethnicity, immigration, socio-economic status and geographic location. My interest in youth well-being situates my activity at the intersection of educational reform, public health, youth development and community development. I ground my work conceptually at the nexus of theories of development in social ecological contexts, critical human geographers’ analyses of space and place as socially produced, and critical race theory.

(530) 754-6913
Faculty Profile EMPHASIS AREA: LMS, MTH. Adaptive Expertise; Learning and Cognition; Learning in Informal Settings; Mathematics Education

Lee Martin


Portrait of Lee Martin
(530) 752-2854

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