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Welcome to the homepage of the LEARNCitSci research study. The Learning and Environmental science Agency Research Network for Citizen Science (LEARN CitSci) Project is a four-year international collaborative research project that aims to understand how young people develop Environmental Science Agency through their participation in Citizen Science programs at Natural History Museums. Principal Investigators from the USA and UK include Citizen Science practitioners at The Natural History Museum Los Angeles County in Los Angeles, The Natural History Museum in London, and the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, and Educational Researchers from UC Davis, Open University, and the University of Oxford. LEARN CitSci is funded through the Science Learning+ initiative, a partnership between the National Science Foundation and the Wellcome Trust with the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ERSC).

University of California, Davis

The Center for Community and Citizen Science at UC Davis is home to programs and partnerships that revolutionize how and with whom science gets done. Based on a foundation of research excellence, the Centre helps scientists, communities and citizens collaborate on science to address environmental problems as a part of civic life. Read More

Heidi Ballard
Heidi Ballard is the Principal Investigator in the US for the LEARN CitSci project, Associate Professor of Environmental Science Education, and the Founder and Faculty Director of the Center for Community and Citizen Science at University of California, Davis. She conducts research focused on science and environmental learning that link communities, scientists, and environmental action.

Ryan Meyer
Ryan Meyer is the Executive Director of the Center for Community and Citizen Science at the UC Davis School of Education and serves as an Administrator for the LEARN CitSci project in the US.

Open University

The Open University’s Institute of Educational Technology (IET) is a leading European research institute in the field of innovative education. It partners and leads on major international projects across open education, learning analytics, and future applications of learning to support society. Uniquely embedded in The Open University, it operates research alongside teaching and strategic work that provides a great base to forefront of innovation at the UK’s largest university. Read More

Christothea Herodotou
Christothea Herrodotou is a Lecturer at the Open University, UK and a Co-PI for the LEARN CitSci project. Her research interests focus on the evaluation of technologies for learning (web-based platforms, mobile applications, digital games) through innovative research methodologies including learning analytics and crowdsourcing.

Maria Aristeidou
Maria Aristeidou is a postdoctoral research associate at the Open University, UK for the LEARN CitSci project. Her research interests focus on the design and evaluation of engaging learning technologies and she is very keen on researching online knowledge exchange communities and tools.

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford co-developed and leads the Zooniverse citizen science platform – the largest and most popular online platform for people powered research. The Zooniverse harnesses the skills of millions of volunteers worldwide to drive research in a diverse range of fields. It currently hosts over 50 projects, including several based on museum collections and biodiversity research, allowing over 1 million people to engage in academic research. Read More

Grant Miller
Grant Miller is Communications and Projects Manager for the Zooniverse online citizen science platform at the University of Oxford and key Collaborator on the LEARN CitSci project.

Natural History Museum, London

The Natural History Museum has over 20 years’ experience in citizen science and runs an active programme of research-led projects for a variety of audiences. Our Citizen Science Programme comprises outdoor ecological survey projects, online crowdsourcing projects (primarily focused around digital images of our collections) and the development of resources that support knowledge exchange and the sharing of best practices within the citizen science community. Read More

Lucy Robinson
Lucy Robinson is Citizen Science Programme Manager at the Natural History Museum in London, and Principal Investigator in the UK for LEARN CitSci.

Julia Lorke
Julia Lorke is a LEARN CitSci postdoctoral researcher at the Natural History Museum in London. Her main research interests are learning processes and outcomes on the interface of science education and science communication.

Harpreet Sanghera
Harpreet Sanghera is the LEARN CitSci project coordinator. She has worked in the museums learning arena for over 10 years coordinating multi-partner education projects, developing training events and programmes of public engagement activity.

Sasha Pratt
Sasha Pratt is the LEARN CitSci Project Coordination Officer at the Natural History Museum in London. She has worked in the museum learning sector for 8 years, as a science educator and presenter at NHM and The Science Museum, both in London.

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Los Angeles is a dynamic, ever changing city for both people and the wildlife that live there. In order to understand the city better, the Museum has started a long term biodiversity study of urban habitats and surrounding natural areas, the goal being to not only increase knowledge of local wildlife but to also involve the local community in studies. Read More

Lila Higgins
Lila Higgins is the Senior Manager of Citizen Science at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (NHMLA) and a Co-PI for the LEARN CitSci project.


Jessie Jennewein
Jessie Jennewein is the LEARN CitSci Project Coordination Officer at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (NHMLA). Since 2009, she has been working within the museum family in varying capacities.

California Academy of Sciences

The Academy has its roots in documenting and understanding California biodiversity. The Citizen Science projects at the Academy today, including biodiversity surveys and grassroots bioblitzes, are helping to build a new and comprehensive picture of where plants and animals occur in California and beyond whilst building a corps of highly engaged and active citizen scientists. Read More 


Rebecca Johnson
Rebecca Johnson co-directs Citizen Science at the California Academy of Sciences Citizen Science, where she is also a Research Associate in the Department of Invertebrate Zoology and Geology, and is a Co-PI on the LEARN CitSci project.


Alison Young
Alison Young co-directs the Citizen Science program at the California Academy of Sciences (CAS) and is a Co-PI on the LEARN CitSci project.


Annie Miller
Annie Miller is the Project Coordination Officer for the LEARN CitSci project at the California Academy of Sciences.



New paper: Young Volunteers & Online Participation in Zooniverse

 Appearing in the most recent issue of Citizen Science: Theory and Practice, “What Do We Know About Young Volunteers? An Exploratory Study of Participation in Zooniverse” examines how youth, mainly 16–19 years old, participate in online citizen science projects. The co-authors include Heidi Ballard, the Center’s Faculty Director, and other colleagues collaborating on the LEARN CitSci project, funded jointly by the National Science Foundation and the Wellcome Trust. 


Where To Find Us – NAAEE 2018

The North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE)  will be holding the 47th NAAEE Annual Conference October 9th-13th in Spokane, Washington and we are going to be there so keep an eye out for us! 

The NAAEE is dedicated to strengthening environmental education and increasing the efficiency of the profession, while working alongside a diverse group of educators. They strive to accelerate environmental literacy and civic engagement amongst all ages through environmental education. 

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