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The LEARN CitSci (Learning & Environmental Science Agency Research Network for Citizen Science) research project ran from 2017 – 2022 and explored the learning processes and outcomes for young people aged 5 – 19 years who participated in Community and Citizen Science projects.

LEARN CitSci was an international partnership between educational researchers and Community and Citizen Science practitioners across the UK & USA and was led by the Natural History Museum London and the University of California Davis (read more about the six partner project team). The project was guided and supported by an eight member advisory board with expertise across educational research and citizen science delivery (follow the link below to read more about the project advisory board).

The project focused on Community & Citizen Science programmes at three natural history museums (the Natural History Museum London, the California Academy of Sciences and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County). These organisations partnered with the Zooniverse team at the University of Oxford and learning researchers at the University of California, Davis and the Open University UK.

Our research aimed to explore the following key questions:
  1. What is the nature of the learning environments and what activities do youth engage in when participating in natural history museum-led Community and Citizen Science?
  2. To what extent do youth develop the following three science learning outcomes through participation in natural history museum-led Community and Citizen Science programmes

    1. An understanding of the science content and norms

    2. Identifying roles for themselves in the practice of science

    3. Developing a sense of agency to take action using science

  3. What programme features and settings in natural history museum-led Community and Citizen Science foster the three science learning outcomes above (1,2,3)?

These legacy webpages have been created as an output of the now concluded LEARN CitSci research project. To read more about our research, key findings and outputs – please explore the links below.



The research was funded by the National Science Foundation in the USA, and Wellcome and the Economic and Social Research Council in the UK.


Blog entry

New paper: Young Volunteers & Online Participation in Zooniverse

 Appearing in the most recent issue of Citizen Science: Theory and Practice, “What Do We Know About Young Volunteers? An Exploratory Study of Participation in Zooniverse” examines how youth, mainly 16–19 years old, participate in online citizen science projects. The co-authors include Heidi Ballard, the Center’s Faculty Director, and other colleagues collaborating on the LEARN CitSci project, funded jointly by the National Science Foundation and the Wellcome Trust. 

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